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You need to make your own Exception class which extends PEAR_Exception.
class Net_MAC_Exception extends PEAR_Exception {}
and use this exception for all of your throwing.

Don't throw, catch, and rethrow an exception:
try {
if (!is_a($db, 'MDB2_Driver_Common')) {
throw new PEAR_Exception('Bad database object');
} catch (PEAR_Exception $e) {
throw $e;
The try/catch here is a no-op, it does nothing useful.

There is no need for =& when setting an object in PHP5.
$this->_db =& $db;
changed to
$this->_db = $db;

You need spaces around the = sign for default parameters.
static function check($input, $delimiter=':')
changed to
static function check($input, $delimiter = ':')

require_once 'MDB2.php'; should not be needed in importVendors of findVendor. The object is already in $this->_db.