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Services_Trackback is a package that allows the sending and receiving of trackback pings, conform to the MT Trackback specification. The package offers the following features:

  • Sending a trackback to a given URL.
  • Autodiscovering of trackback URLs from websites.
  • Allow HTTP redirects when autodiscovering.
  • Stepwise strictness settings for URL matching.
  • Receiving trackbacks (and responding conform to the specs).
  • Generating autodiscovery code for websites.
  • Unitested.

All functionalities are implemented now.

Future features (in planning):

  • Interface to check backtracking hosts against blacklists (SpamCop, etc.).
  • Storage interface to store trackbacks to different backends (TXT, XML, database,...).
  • Observer interface to observe trackback actions.

PEARWeb is running version 0.4.0 of Services_Trackback. This will ensure stability and extensive testing.

Attention: Due to holidays, I will only be online sporadically, so installation through my PEAR 1.4 channel will not work in most cases. For installation, please download the package as described in the documentation links or try installation using the following command:

pear install -f

There's been a proposal for a very similar package (Net_Trackback) last year in September, which has been accepted by the community. The author of this proposal did not register the package until now and PEAR-QA has tried to contact him several times in the last weeks. An official reminder has been sent more than 2 weeks ago. There has been no response by the author until March 2nd, so the old proposal will be marked orphan, if this new one is accepted by the PEAR community.

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  • HTTP_Request
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  • First Draft: 2005-02-23
  • Proposal: 2005-02-23
  • Call for Votes: 2005-03-02
  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-02-23 14:49 UTC]

    Refined the overloading section. Overloading will be dropped completly in the next version.

  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-02-25 18:23 UTC]

    Updated version, 0.2.0 is now actual.
    Changelog for this version:

    • Removed overloading.
    • Refactored.
    • Added autodiscver().
    • Added PEAR 1.4 conform package2.xml (package.xml version 2.0).

    Another version update will follow in the next days.
    Regarding Sebastian Nohn's comment, I'd like to redirect people to pear-dev.

  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-02-26 12:19 UTC]

    • Added send() method for sending trackbacks.
    • Added dependency for HTTP_Request.
    • Added a simple test example.
    • Refactored.
  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-02-27 11:01 UTC]

    Added info on how to install Services_Trackback from channel

  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-02-28 05:05 UTC]

    Updated to version 0.4.0:

    • Refactored.
    • Added options (like allowRedirect, timeout, useragent....).
    • Made autodiscover() non-static. Makes more sense.
    • Completed Unitest.
  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-03-01 15:43 UTC]

    PEARWeb has been updated to version 0.4.0.

  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-03-01 19:38 UTC]

    Changed Name to fit standard.

  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-03-02 11:37 UTC]

    • Completed feature list.
    • Added future features list.
    • Added link to MT trackback specs.
    • Added link to official reminder mail for Net_Trackback proposal.
    • Removed PEAR 1.4 installation instructions (since I'll be offline most time in the coming week).

    I will call for votes today, as soon as it's possible.