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  • Klaus Guenther  [2005-07-22 17:11 UTC]

    Shouldn't the title of the proposal be HTML_Ajax, not just AJAX? HTML is the category, but it needs to be followed by the proposed class name (just a nitpick :)
  • bertrand Gugger  [2005-07-31 07:28 UTC]

    That looks so great !

    Just to tell I organize my tests this way:
    * put the example files in a public folder
    * create there a sub-folder HTML
    * put in this folder AJAX.php and the AJAX sub-folder
    * create in base folder where the example files are a @data-dir@ sub-folder (sic) and a HTML_AJAX sub-folder
    * put in there the js sub-folder, so finally @data-dir@/HTML_AJAX/js/ (nix-like)

    OK, you need to have . as first in include_path to get it working nice.

    BTW, Josh, I'm unsure you should put this HTML_AJAX after @data-dir@
    You need to have in your package.xml something like:

    <file role="php" name="Server.php">
    <replace type="pear-config" from="@data-dir@" to="data_dir" />

    pear installer will then replace all '@data-dir@' by config(data-dir)/HTML_AJAX
    if the pear config-show gives:
    PEAR data directory data_dir /usr/share/pear/data
    that will do /usr/share/pear/data/HTML_AJAX

    so you don't need to specify the HTML_AJAX sub-folder in PEAR data directory, I think.

    I did not yet dive too deep in the code,
    * your headers are not compliant, you need a doc header and a class header *sigh*
    * not sure @public is default, perhaps needs to put them explicitly
    * as noted above package.xml is incomplete for the js part ("data")
    * from an aesthetic point of view, I often prefer to create js code snippet using the heredoc technique, I know lot of people don't like it, but then the code looks like code. I often prepare what is variable before this heredoc so looks nicer.
    * I would recommend for such variables interpretation in strings to bracket *all* variable, then any update to a more complicated structure is easier, looks nicer and safer too IMHO

    I look forward to build neat applications with your package, thanks !