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Class: Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML

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XML Rendering Driver



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XML Rendering Driver


  • useXMLDecl: (bool) Whether the XML declaration string should be added to the output. The encoding attribute value will get set from the common "encoding" option. If you need to further customize the XML declaration (version, etc..), then please set "useXMLDecl" to false, and add your own declaration string.
  • outerTag: (string) The name of the tag for the datagrid, without brackets
  • rowTag: (string) The name of the tag for each row, without brackets
  • fieldTag: (string) The name of the tag for each field inside a row, without brackets. The special value '{field}' is replaced by the field name.
  • fieldAttribute:(string) The name of the attribute for the field name. null stands for no attribute
  • labelAttribute:(string) The name of the attribute for the column label. null stands for no attribute
  • filename: (string) Filename of the generated XML file; boolean false means that no filename will be sent
  • saveToFile: (boolean) Whether the output should be saved on the local filesystem. Please note that the 'filename' option must be given if this option is set to true.
  • writeMode: (string) The mode that is used in the internal fopen() calls. Useful e.g. when you want to append to existing file. C.p. the fopen() documentation for the allowed modes.
  • onMove: (-) IGNORED
  • onMoveData: (-) IGNORED

  • Container Support: no
  • Output Buffering: yes
  • Direct Rendering: yes
  • Streaming: yes
  • Object Preserving: no

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Method Detail

Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML (Constructor)   [line 114]

Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML( )


Build default values

  • Access: public

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buildRow   [line 198]

void buildRow( int $index, array $data)

Build a body row
  • Access: protected


int   $index   —  Row index (zero-based)
array   $data   —  Record data.

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finalize   [line 254]

void finalize( )

Finish building the datagrid.
  • Access: protected

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flatten   [line 243]

mixed flatten( )

Retrieve output from the container object
  • Return: Output
  • Access: protected

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init   [line 143]

void init( )

Initialize a string for the XML code if it is not already existing
  • Access: protected

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render   [line 280]

void render( )

Render to the standard output
  • Access: public

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toXML   [line 185]

string toXML( )

Generates the XML for the DataGrid
  • Return: The XML of the DataGrid
  • Access: public

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