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Class: SOAP_Fault

Source Location: /SOAP-0.13.0/SOAP/Fault.php

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PEAR::Error wrapper used to match SOAP Faults to PEAR Errors



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[line 48]
PEAR::Error wrapper used to match SOAP Faults to PEAR Errors

SOAP_Fault can provide a complete backtrace of the error. Revealing these details in a public web services is a bad idea because it can be used by attackers. Thus you have to enable backtrace information in SOAP_Fault responses by putting the following code in your script after your "require_once 'SOAP/Server.php';" line:

  1.  $backtrace =PEAR::getStaticProperty('SOAP_Fault''backtrace');
  2.  $backtrace = true;

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Method Detail

SOAP_Fault (Constructor)   [line 60]

SOAP_Fault SOAP_Fault( [string $faultstring = 'unknown error'], [mixed $faultcode = 'Client'], [mixed $faultactor = null], [mixed $detail = null], [array $mode = null], [array $options = null])



string   $faultstring   —  Message string for fault.
mixed   $faultcode   —  The faultcode.
mixed   $faultactor   — 
mixed   $detail   —  @see PEAR_Error
array   $mode   —  @see PEAR_Error
array   $options   —  @see PEAR_Error

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getActor   [line 114]

string getActor( )

Returns the SOAP actor for the fault.

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getDetail   [line 124]

string getDetail( )

Returns the fault detail.

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getFault   [line 99]

array getFault( )

Returns a simple native PHP array containing the fault data.

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message   [line 75]

string message( [ $encoding = SOAP_DEFAULT_ENCODING])

Returns a SOAP XML message that can be sent as a server response.


   $encoding   — 

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