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Class: PEAR_Frontend_Web

Source Location: /PEAR_Frontend_Web-0.7.5/Frontend/Web.php

Class Overview


PEAR_Frontend_Web is a HTML based Webfrontend for the PEAR Installer



  • CVS: $Id: Web.php 279136 2009-04-22 02:18:01Z saltybeagle $


  • 1997-2007 The PHP Group



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Class Details

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PEAR_Frontend_Web is a HTML based Webfrontend for the PEAR Installer

The Webfrontend provides basic functionality of the Installer, such as a package list grouped by categories, a search mask, the possibility to install/upgrade/uninstall packages and some minor things. PEAR_Frontend_Web makes use of the PEAR::HTML_IT Template engine which provides the possibillity to skin the Installer.

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Class Variables

$config =

[line 83]

The config object

Type:   mixed

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$type =  'Web'

[line 67]

What type of user interface this frontend is for.
  • Access: public

Type:   string

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Method Detail

PEAR_Frontend_Web (Constructor)   [line 120]

PEAR_Frontend_Web PEAR_Frontend_Web( )

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bold   [line 1959]

void bold( $text)

Totaly deprecated function

Needed to install pearified's role_web : / Don't use this !


   $text   — 

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confirmDialog   [line 1733]

array|false confirmDialog( array $params, string $pkg)

Ask for user input, confirm the answers and continue until the user is satisfied


array   $params   —  an array of arrays, format array('name' => 'paramname', 'prompt' => 'text to display', 'type' => 'string'[, default => 'default value'])
string   $pkg   —  Package Name

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displayError   [line 173]

null displayError( mixed $eobj, [string $title = 'Error'], [string $img = 'error'], [boolean $popup = false])

Display an error page
  • Return: does not return anything, but exit the script
  • Access: public


mixed   $eobj   —  PEAR_Error object or string containing the error message
string   $title   —  (optional) title of the page
string   $img   —  (optional) iconhandle for this page
boolean   $popup   —  (optional) popuperror or normal?

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displayFatalError   [line 212]

void displayFatalError( $eobj, [ $title = 'Error'], [ $img = 'error'])

Alias for PEAR_Frontend_Web::displayError()


   $eobj   — 
   $title   — 
   $img   — 

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finishOutput   [line 1482]

void finishOutput( $command, [ $redirectLink = false])

End session: output all saved output


   $command   — 
   $redirectLink   — 

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htmlentities_recursive   [line 2358]

void htmlentities_recursive( $data)

apply 'htmlentities' to every value of the array

array_walk_recursive($array, 'htmlentities') in PHP5


   $data   — 

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log   [line 1875]

boolean log( string $text)

Write message to log
  • Return: true
  • Access: public


string   $text   —  message which has to written to log

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outputBegin   [line 2176]

void outputBegin( $command)

Start output, HTML header etc


   $command   — 

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outputData   [line 1278]

mixed outputData( mixed $data, [string $command = '_default'])

Output all kinds of data depending on the command which called this method
  • Return: highly depends on the command
  • Access: public


mixed   $data   —  datastructure containing the information to display
string   $command   —  (optional) command from which this method was called

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outputEnd   [line 2253]

void outputEnd( $command)

End output, HTML footer etc


   $command   — 

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outputFrontendFile   [line 1974]

null outputFrontendFile( string $handle, string $group)

Sends the required file along with Headers and exits the script
  • Return: nothing, because script exits
  • Access: public


string   $handle   —  handle of the requested file
string   $group   —  group of the requested file

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outputSearch   [line 1427]

void outputSearch( )

Output the 'search' page

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outputTableOfChannels   [line 1396]

void outputTableOfChannels( )

Output a Table Of Channels:

Table of contents like thing for all channels (using <a name= stuff

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outputUpgradeAll   [line 1417]

void outputUpgradeAll( )

Output the 'upgrade-all' page

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runInstallScript   [line 1585]

void runInstallScript( array $xml, &$script, &$pkg, object $script, PEAR_PackageFile_v1|PEAR_PackageFile_v2 $pkg, string $contents)


array   $xml   —  contents of postinstallscript tag example: Array (
object   $script   —  post-installation script
PEAR_PackageFile_v1|PEAR_PackageFile_v2   $pkg   — 
string   $contents   —  contents of the install script
   &$script   — 
   &$pkg   — 

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runPostinstallScripts   [line 1506]

void runPostinstallScripts( array &$scripts, PEAR_PackageFile_v2 $pkg)

Run postinstall scripts


array   &$scripts   —  An array of PEAR_Task_Postinstallscript objects (or related scripts)
PEAR_PackageFile_v2   $pkg   — 

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setConfig   [line 126]

void setConfig( &$config)


   &$config   — 

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skipParamgroup   [line 1563]

void skipParamgroup( string $id)

Instruct the runInstallScript method to skip a paramgroup that matches the id value passed in.

This method is useful for dynamically configuring which sections of a post-install script will be run based on the user's setup, which is very useful for making flexible post-install scripts without losing the cross-Frontend ability to retrieve user input


string   $id   — 

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startSession   [line 1467]

void startSession( )

Start session: starts saving output temporary

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userConfirm   [line 1767]

void userConfirm( $prompt, [ $default = 'yes'])

Useless function that needs to exists for Frontend::setFrontendObject()

Reported in bug #10656


   $prompt   — 
   $default   — 

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userDialog   [line 1790]

array userDialog( string $command, array $prompts, [array $types = array()], [array $defaults = array()], [string $title = ''], [string $icon = ''], [array $extra = array()])

Display a formular and return the given input (yes. needs to requests)
  • Return: input sended by the user
  • Access: public


string   $command   —  command from which this method was called
array   $prompts   —  associative array. keys are the inputfieldnames and values are the description
array   $types   —  (optional) array of inputfieldtypes (text, password, etc.) keys have to be the same like in $prompts
array   $defaults   —  (optional) array of defaultvalues. again keys have to be the same like in $prompts
string   $title   —  (optional) title of the page
string   $icon   —  (optional) iconhandle for this page
array   $extra   —  (optional) extra parameters to put in the form action

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__getData   [line 2089]

void __getData( $from, $limit, $numrows, [ $maxpages = false])


   $from   — 
   $limit   — 
   $numrows   — 
   $maxpages   — 

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