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File: Multiprocess.php

Source Location: /Net_Server-1.0.3/Net/Server/Driver/Multiprocess.php


Base class for all drivers

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require_once('PEAR.php') [line 16]
Originally coded by the author Stephan Schmidt and committed to PEAR repository.

Deep modifications was been made since that day... Into PEAR you can actually found the base class (Server.php) the handler base class (Handler.php) and the sequential driver (Sequential.php)

I developed both multiprocess driver and Multi Processing Modules (actually only preforking) specifically for phplet project. Hope this stuff can be committed to PEAR one day!

require_once('PHP/Fork.php') [line 17]
require_once('Net/Server/Driver.php') [line 18]
require_once('Net/Server/Driver/Multiprocess/remoteConsole.php') [line 19]
require_once('Net/Server/Driver/Multiprocess/Processor.php') [line 20]

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