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Class: Net_Server_Driver

Source Location: /Net_Server-1.0.3/Net/Server/Driver.php

Class Overview


Base class for all drivers



Child classes:

Sequential server class.
Base class for all drivers
Forking server class.

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Class Details

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Base class for all drivers

This class provides methods, can be used by all server implementations.

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Method Detail

getEndCharacter   [line 421]

string getEndCharacter( )

Returns the readEndCharacter setting.
  • Return: The readEndCharacter setting
  • Access: public

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getLastSocketError   [line 387]

string getLastSocketError( resource &$fd)

return string for last socket error
  • Return: Last error
  • Access: public


resource   &$fd   —  Socket to get last error from

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setCallbackObject   [line 368]

void setCallbackObject( object &$object)

register a callback object

The callback object is the actual server, that contains the logic to process the events triggered by the driver class.

The best way to create a callback object is to extend the Net_Server_Handler class.


object   &$object   —  callback object

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setDebugMode   [line 215]

void setDebugMode( mixed $debug, [string $dest = "stdout"])

Set debug mode

Debug information can either be written to a logfile or standard out (= the console).

To disable debugging, pass false as first parameter.

  • Access: public


mixed   $debug   —  [text|html|false]
string   $dest   —  Destination of debug message ("stdout" to output or filename if log should be written)

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setEndCharacter   [line 407]

void setEndCharacter( string $readEndCharacter)

Sets the readEndCharacter setting.
  • Access: public


string   $readEndCharacter   —  The new end character

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_sendDebugMessage   [line 321]

void _sendDebugMessage( string $msg)

send a debug message

Debug messages will be either sent to standard out or written to a logfile, depending on debug settings.


string   $msg   —  Message to debug

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