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Class: Math_Polynomial

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Polynomial class




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Polynomial class

The Math_Polynomial class represents simple polynomials of the form: ax^n + bx^(n-1) + cx^(n-2) + ... yx + z

Methods having a Polynomial or mixed type as a parameter should be able to take either a string representation of a polynomial or a Polynomial object as a parameter. Simple algebraic operations on polynomials are supported using the following methods:

  • add() Add another polynomial to the current polynomial
  • subtract() Subtract another polynomial from the current polynomial
  • multiply() Multiply the current polynomial by another polynomial
  • divide() Divide the current polynomial by another polynomial
  • mod() Perform the 'mod' function ( get the remainder of poly. division )
Other operations include:
  • getDerivative(x) Get the nth derivative of the Polynomial
  • degree() Get the degree ( highest exponent )
  • evaluate(x) Evaluate the polynomial at a given x value
String representation of the Polynomial object can be retrieved with the toString() method.

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Class Variables

$_needs_combining =

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Whether or not Polynomial may contain multiple terms of the same degree
  • Access: protected

Type:   bool

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$_needs_sorting =

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Whether or nothe Polynomial terms list needs to be sorted
  • Access: protected

Type:   bool

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$_terms =

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An array of PolynomialTerm objects
  • Access: protected

Type:   array

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Method Detail

Math_Polynomial (Constructor)   [line 95]

Math_Polynomial Math_Polynomial( [mixed $mixed_poly = null])

Polynomial Constructor

Constructs an empty ( equal to 0 ) Polynomial object OR constructs a Polynomial from another Polynomial object or from a string representation of a polynomial.


mixed   $mixed_poly   —  String or Polynomial to construct from

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addTerm   [line 162]

bool addTerm( object $term)

Add a term to the Polynomial


object   $term   — 

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degree   [line 421]

integer degree( )

Retrieve the degree ( highest exponent value ) of the polynomial
  • Return: The degree of the polynomial
  • Access: public

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degreeString   [line 454]

string degreeString( )

Retrieve a string naming the degree of the polynomial

Tries to retrieve a string to name the polynomial degree, for example: 3 - Contant 3x - Linear equation 3x^2 - Quadtratic 3x^3 - Cubic etc.

  • Return: String naming the polynomial degree
  • Access: public

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getTerm   [line 139]

object getTerm( integer $n)

Get the term in the nth position from the Polynomial


integer   $n   — 

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numTerms   [line 120]

integer numTerms( )

Tell the number of terms in the Polynomial object

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toString   [line 276]

string toString( [bool $spaces = true])

Retrieve a string representation of the Polynomial
  • Return: String representation
  • Access: public


bool   $spaces   —  Whether or not the string should contain spaces ( i.e.: 4x^2 - 2x vs. 4x^2-2x )

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_combineLikeTerms   [line 379]

void _combineLikeTerms( )

Combine like terms inside the Polynomial object

Examines each term of the Polynomial and, if any of the terms have equivalent exponents, adds the two terms together ( add coefficients, keep the same exponent ) This is used to simplify the Polynomial for output.

  • Access: protected

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_parsePolynomial   [line 247]

void _parsePolynomial( string $str_poly)

Parse a string


string   $str_poly   —  A string representation of a Polynomial

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_parseTerm   [line 188]

object A _parseTerm( string $str_term)

Parse an individual term of Math_Polynomial into a Math_PolynomialTerm object


string   $str_term   — 

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_sortTerms   [line 349]

void _sortTerms( )

Sort the terms list

Uses a bubble-sort to sort the list of terms in descending order by their exponent values.

  • Access: protected

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