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It seems that there is a lack of QA material in the manual that people agree on and there is also need to make it move visible for people so they will actually follow those rules/guidelines. The QA team will therefore get its own QA subsection in the manual and will have control over it just like package maintainer controls package related docs in the manual.

The QA team also gets its own subsection on pearweb so people can more easily access QA material which is too dynamic or just related to the QA team own internal documentation purposes. There the QA will, for example, publish their latest decisions.

Furthermore here the QA team will be able to provide interfaces to QA team services. For example, here the QA team could offer an interface for maintainers to configure the access rights they want to grant the QA. Finally the core QA team can add QA related notes to each package homepage to communicate QA related information to the user base.

Approving first stable release

The QA team needs to approve the first stable release of any major version.

For this purpose maintainers upload the release to PEARweb and contact the QA team with a link to the release, then QA will decide if the release is ready or not. The core QA team will at this point approve the release through PEAR web and release it for the maintainer.

The QA team must always inform the current lead maintainers of any changes that are done to a given package using the currently configured email addresses on pear web.

The core QA team may delegate tasks as much as possible to other QA team members. However no access rights will be assigned just for the sake of delegating a task (so members of the QA team may package a new release, but only members of the core QA team will have the necessary rights to upload the release).

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