Required tags

Short Descriptions

Short descriptions must be provided for all docblocks. They should be a quick sentence, not the name of the item. Please read the Coding Standard's sample file about how to write good descriptions.

PHP Versions

One of the following must go in the page-level docblock:

  • PHP version 4

  • PHP version 5

  • PHP versions 4 and 5


There are several possible licenses. One of the following must be picked and placed in the page-level and class-level docblocks:

  • @license Apache License 2.0

  • @license BSD License (2 Clause)

  • @license BSD License (3 Clause)

  • @license BSD License (4 Clause)

  • @license LGPL License 2.1

  • @license PHP License 3.0

For more information, see the PEAR Group's Licensing Announcement:


The following must be used in both the page-level and class-level docblocks. Of course, change "PackageName" to the name of your package. This ensures the generated documentation links back your package.



There's no hard rule to determine when a new code contributor should be added to the list of authors for a given source file. In general, their changes should fall into the "substantial" category (meaning somewhere around 10% to 20% of code changes). Exceptions could be made for rewriting functions or contributing new logic.

Simple code reorganization or bug fixes would not justify the addition of a new individual to the list of authors.


This tag is required when a file or class is added after the package's initial release. Do not use it in an initial release.


This tag is required when a file or class is no longer used but has been left in place for backwards compatibility.

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