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Feel free to apply whatever copyrights you desire. When formatting this tag, the year should be in four digit format and if a span of years is involved, use a hyphen between the earliest and latest year. The copyright holder can be you, a list of people, a company, the PHP Group, etc.


  • @copyright 2003 John Doe and Jennifer Buck

  • @copyright 2001-2004 John Doe

  • @copyright 1997-2004 The PHP Group

  • @copyright 2001-2004 XYZ Corporation

License Summary

If you are using the PHP License, use the summary text provided above. If another license is being used, please remove the PHP License summary. Feel free to substitute it with text appropriate to your license, though to keep things easy to locate, please preface the text with "LICENSE:".


There were several comments about what to put in the @version tags. This proposal uses the SVN "Id" tag for the "page-level" docblock which covers the file, while the class-level docblocks will use @package_version@, which gets replaced with the release's version number by the PEAR installer.

This seems the best compromise because $Id$'s talk about files while the release version numbers talk about the classes. $Id$ is used rather than $Revision$ or other shorter tags because it is the standard and provides all of the potentially desired information.


Add a @see tag when you want to refer users to other sections of the package's documentation. If you have multiple items, separate them with commas rather than adding multiple @see tags.

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