Validate_FI::postalCode() – Validate Finnish postal code


require_once 'Validate/FI.php';

bool Validate_FI::postalCode ( string $number , bool $strong )


Validate Finnish postal code.

Five digit postal code, maybe with a leading 'FI-' (XXXXX or FI-XXXXX).

An optional parameter for activate strong checks using a list of postcodes (not implemented).


string $number

The postal code to be validated

boolean $strong

optional; strong checks (e.g. against a list of postal codes)(not implemented)

Return value

boolean - true if postal code is valid, false otherwise


Using postalCode()

// Include the package
require_once 'Validate/FI.php';

$postalCode '00100';
if ( 
Validate_FI::postalCode($postalCode) ) {
} else {
'Not valid!';
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