Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_CSV – CSV Rendering Driver

Supported operations modes

This driver supports the following operation modes:

Supported operations modes of this driver
Mode Supported?
Container Support no
Output Buffering yes
Direct Rendering yes
Streaming yes
Object Preserving no


This driver accepts the following options:

Options for this driver
Option Type Description Default Value
buildFooter bool Whether to build the footer. true
buildHeader bool Whether to build the header. true
defaultCellValue string What value to put by default into empty cells. null
defaultColumnValues array Per-column default cell value. This is an array of the form: array(fieldName => value, ...). array()
delimiter string Field delimiter ','
enclosure string Field enclosure '"'
encoding string The content encoding. If the mbstring extension is present the default value is set from mb_internal_encoding(), otherwise it is ISO-8859-1. 'ISO-8859-1'
excludeVars array Variables to be removed from the generated HTTP queries. array()
extraVars array Variables to be added to the generated HTTP queries. array()
filename string Filename of the generated CSV file; boolean false means that no filename will be sent false
fillWithEmptyRows bool Ensures that all pages have the same number of rows. false
hideColumnLinks array By default sorting links are enabled on all columns. With this option it is possible to disable sorting links on specific columns. This is an array of the form: array(fieldName, ...). This option only affects drivers that support sorting. array()
lineBreak string The character(s) to use for line breaks '\n'
numberAlign bool Whether to right-align numeric values. true
saveToFile boolean Whether the output should be saved on the local filesystem. Please note that the 'filename' option must be given if this option is set to true. false
targetEncoding string If set, the content will be converted from encoding to targetEncoding. A BOM will also be added, if relevant. See PHP mbstring documentation for encoding names. Tip: for Excel use 'UTF-16LE'. ''
useQuotes mixed Whether or not to encapsulate the values with the enclosure value. true: always, false: never, 'auto': when needed 'auto'
writeMode string The mode that is used in the internal fopen() calls. Useful e.g. when you want to append to existing file. C.p. the fopen() documentation for the allowed modes. 'wb'
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