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Package HTML_Menu Constants – Constants defined in and used by HTML_Menu

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Constants defined in Menu.php

Constants defined in Menu.php
Name Value Line Number Meaning
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_ACTIVE 1 26 Active menu entry, the one having the current URL as 'url' attribute
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_ACTIVEPATH 2 27 Ancestor of the active menu entry
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_BREADCRUMB 6 31 Ancestor of the active menu entry, for menu type 'urhere'
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_INACTIVE 0 25 Default menu entry
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_NEXT 4 29 "Next" menu entry (for menu type 'prevnext')
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_PREVIOUS 3 28 "Previous" menu entry (for menu type 'prevnext')
HTML_MENU_ENTRY_UPPER 5 30 "Up" menu entry (for menu type 'prevnext')
Sets the prefix for every id in the menu hash. (Previous) HTML_Page2 (Next)
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