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Request #2220 pear5 build fails on dual php4/php5 system
Submitted: 2004-08-26 14:09 UTC
From: makler Assigned: cellog
Status: Closed Package: PEAR
PHP Version: 5.0.0 OS: Solaris 8
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 [2004-08-26 14:09 UTC] makler
Description: ------------ I have both PHP4 and PHP5 on my system. PHP4 php binary is the first in my PATH. If I run (pear5 is the pear from PHP5) pear5 install any-pecl-extension.tgz then pear would run phpize from the PHP4, which is wrong. Further ./configure looks for php-config in PATH - the same problem, it is using php-config from PHP4. There are two ways to fix this: 1. pear would run phpize from the PHP5 binary path, and would add --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config every time for each PECL extension. 2. pear would change PATH before running phpize. The second approach is "more BC" (see attached one-line patch. My configuration: PEAR Version: 1.3.2 PHP Version: 5.0.1 Zend Engine Version: 2.0.1 Running on: SunOS oryl 5.8 Generic_108528-29 sun4u Output of the pear5 config-show: CONFIGURATION: ============== PEAR executables directory bin_dir /usr/local/opt/php5/bin PEAR documentation directory doc_dir /usr/local/php5/pear/doc PHP extension directory ext_dir /usr/local/opt/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20040412 PEAR directory php_dir /usr/local/php5/pear PEAR Installer cache directory cache_dir /tmp/pear/cache PEAR data directory data_dir /usr/local/php5/pear/data PHP CLI/CGI binary php_bin /usr/local/opt/php5/bin/php PEAR test directory test_dir /usr/local/php5/pear/test Cache TimeToLive cache_ttl 3600 Preferred Package State preferred_state stable Unix file mask umask 22 Debug Log Level verbose 1 HTTP Proxy Server Address http_proxy <not set> PEAR server master_server PEAR password (for password <not set> maintainers) Signature Handling Program sig_bin /usr/local/bin/gpg Signature Key Directory sig_keydir /usr/local/opt/php5/etc/pearkeys Signature Key Id sig_keyid <not set> Package Signature Type sig_type gpg PEAR username (for username <not set> maintainers) Reproduce code: --------------- --- PEAR/Builder.php-old Tue Jun 8 20:15:11 2004 +++ PEAR/Builder.php Thu Aug 26 11:08:41 2004 @@ -201 +201 @@ class PEAR_Builder extends PEAR_Common - putenv('PATH=' . getenv('PATH') . ':' . $this->config->get('bin_dir')); + putenv('PATH=' . $this->config->get('bin_dir') . ':' . getenv('PATH'));


 [2004-10-19 04:28 UTC] cellog
This bug has been fixed in CVS. In case this was a documentation problem, the fix will show up at the end of next Sunday (CET) on In case this was a website problem, the change will show up on the website in short time. Thank you for the report, and for helping us make PEAR better.