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Bug #14 'pear package' makes optional dependencies required
Submitted: 2003-09-16 18:06 UTC
From: avb Assigned: avb
Status: Closed Package: PEAR
PHP Version: 4.3.3 OS: Linux
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 [2003-09-16 18:06 UTC] avb
Description: ------------ 'pear package' command removes optional="yes" attribute of <dep> tag. I found this out when trying to release HTML_Menu, but other packages that (try to) use optional dependencies are affected, too (e.g. DB_DataObject). Sorry if this is already fixed. Reproduce code: --------------- [alex@oc HTML_Menu]$ pear package Analyzing Menu.php Analyzing MenuBrowser.php Analyzing Menu/Renderer.php Analyzing Menu/ArrayRenderer.php Analyzing Menu/DirectRenderer.php Analyzing Menu/SigmaRenderer.php Package /home/alex/cvs/pear/HTML_Menu/HTML_Menu-2.0pl1.tgz done Tag the released code with `pear cvstag package.xml' (or set the CVS tag RELEASE_2_0pl1 by hand) [alex@oc HTML_Menu]$ pear install HTML_Menu-2.0pl1.tgz Expected result: ---------------- Optional dependencies: Package `HTML_Template_Sigma' is recommended to utilize some features. install ok: HTML_Menu 2.0pl1 Actual result: -------------- requires package `HTML_Template_Sigma' HTML_Menu: Dependencies failed


 [2003-09-18 10:58 UTC] cox
This was fixed already: $ pear install HTML_Menu downloading HTML_Menu-2.0pl1.tgz ... Starting to download HTML_Menu-2.0pl1.tgz (11,428 bytes) .....done: 11,428 bytes Optional dependencies: package `HTML_Template_Sigma' is recommended to utilize some features. install ok: HTML_Menu 2.0pl1
 [2003-09-18 17:55 UTC] avb
I forgot the password I used for submission and password retrieval does not work, so doing it in developer's hat... Sorry, but I edited the generated package.xml for HTML_Menu manually and uploaded the archive with the edited file as 2.0pl1, thus it works. Try checking out the CVS version of HTML_Menu (tag RELEASE_2_0PL1) and packaging it. This is broken with current PEAR (1.2.1)
 [2003-09-28 05:01 UTC] cellog
please try with PEAR cvs - it is very stable for everything I've tested, including packaging. This was a bug in PEAR_Common that i fixed a while back. Greg
 [2003-09-30 19:33 UTC] avb
Works as expected with PEAR 1.3b1. Thanks!
 [2004-09-05 21:28 UTC] bla at bla dot com