The PEAR Group is now complete.

Finally after having a tie in the initial PEAR Group Election, we have ran a runoff election between the two tied parties Justin Patrin and Paul M. Jones.

After the regular time for an election, the choice has been made by the community on the seventh member of the PEAR Group.

% Name #
52.27% Paul M. Jones 23
45.45% Justin Patrin 20
2.27% Abstained 1

I would like to personally congratulate both participants and hope that we will continue and keep on doing constructive work within PEAR even though we cannot keep both of you in.

Furthermore, special congratulations to Paul M. Jones who has been elected as the 7th member. Looking forward for solid and hard work :-)

Thanks to all the voters for taking the time to vote.


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Welcome to PEAR

It’s been a great ride so far.

PEAR has undergone a minor revolution in culture in the past several months, and as your newly elected president, I’m excited to start telling you about it. This blog is just one example of the new ways PEAR will be reaching out to the larger PHP community. Although the transfer of power to the newly elected PEAR Group finally completed on May 25 with the election of Paul Jones as the final member, already activity to make some significant changes has taken place.

The PEAR Group will be deciding most of the details, it is my job to reach out to you, programmers of PHP who are looking for a faster or better way to solve the problems you solve every day so that you can focus on the important things.

Plans are well under way to ramp up activity on promoting PHP 5 with new PEAR packages, and we have heard the criticisms loud and clear of the first incarnation of PEAR. Fortunately, we also know what is working and have no plans to throw the baby out with the bathwater. At this stage, I can’t go into details, as official policy has to be decided by the PEAR Group (next meeting is on June 3, so expect news quite soon), but stay tuned to this blog for up-to-the-minute musings by members of the PEAR Group and myself as PEAR blossoms in its new spring.

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This is the official blog of PEAR‘s (PHP Extension and Application Repository) elected President and PEAR Group, the two heads of PEAR. Here, you will find announcements as well as brainstorming and the general excitement and bustle of this vibrant open source community.

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