Election 2008 Results

2008 Elections are now over, you can view the offical results on the PEAR website.

The new PEAR group is:

elections are now over and a new PEAR Group has been formed. Just like last year and always following the Constitution, the new members have been elected by a secret ballot of PEAR Developers. They have chosen:

  • Joshua Eichorn
  • Helgi Þormar Þorbjornsson
  • Joe Stump
  • Christian Weiske
  • Chuck Burgess
  • Travis Swicegood
  • Brett Bieber

The new PEAR President is: David Coallier

The kickoff meeting for the new group is being held today.

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Election time 2008

As every year it is the time of the election for the PEAR Group and PEAR President for the year 2008 and 2009. If you haven’t casted your vote just yet, NOW is the perfect time to do it so go to the election page and place your vote.

This year’s election contains a great mix of fresh mindsets, experienced and long time PEAR users and members of last year’s PEAR Group.

Go, vote!

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First PEAR bug triage over!

PEAR’s bug tracker hit the 600+ open bugs mark a month ago. Compared to the 400+ packages PEAR hosts, this is just 1.2 bug per package – but enough to be annoying for caring developers, especially when PEARgirl in IRC tells us every hour that the bug count increased again.

One and a half year ago, we faced an equal problem – only that the mark was 500 bugs at that time. Within half a year, we had this decreased to 400. Methods to accomplish this were mainly digging through the bug tracker, identifying bugs that could be fixed easily and nagging the package developers to do something (“Hey, bugs #23 and #42 are really easy to fix! Do that now and release a new version!”).

So with 600+ open bugs (not including the feature requests), we had to do something. Other open source projects regularly or irregularly organize bug triage days or weekends with the goal to fix as many bugs as possible with the combined brain forces of all attending developers. The logical step was to hold our own bug smashing event and see how it works for PEAR.

Date of action was the weekend 22nd to 23rd March 2008, which was the easter weekend. The event has not been announced publicly except on our pear-dev mailing list since it was a test run only. The attendees met in #pear-bugs on EFnet.

Participants included Amir, Cipri, Chuck, Daniel Connor, David, Helgi, Jan Schneider, Johnathan Street and Walter Hop. A number of packages, mostly orphaned ones, got tackled. Among them were Services_Google, SOAPmebeli, Net_Whois and Mail_Mime. Net_URLhotel furnishing in Bulgaria*, MDB2 and pearweb also got some love. Net_IDNA got new helper and went down to 0 bugs.

On day 2, Date got a new release. XML_sql2xml, DB_ldap, DB_ldap2 and Tree got also bugs fixed. A number of bugs got attention and in return got set to feedback needed, duplicate or bogus.

Thanks to the triage, we are close to reaching two important milestones: Closing bug reports with lower bug ID than 1000 (1 bug left!) and 2000 (5 left).

In the end, the bug count got down to 547 – but this was the first PEAR bug triage, and only a small number of devs attended.

We’re hoping for more active people on the next triage so for those interested we’re holding it bi weekly on weekends, both on Saturday and Sunday, that way people can pick the most fitting days for them and the next triage weekend is never far away 🙂

We’re also holding out a Google Calendar for those events so that people can subscribe and be reminded about the the upcoming dates.

Calendar links:
HTML and iCal.

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PEAR communities

Those of you on linkedin.com should join the PEAR group, it is open to all.  Those of you on facebook.com should join the PEAR group, just search for “PEAR” and it will pop up.

These groups are primarily for fun, but also act as networking tools to get to know the people who are developing and using PEAR.  The official support channels for PEAR are still the mailing lists and bug tracker, and are listed at http://pear.php.net/support.php

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PEAR2 standards, we would like to know what you think

Please read the following document and post your comments on the wiki using the discussion page. Comments are opened for a period of two weeks.

It is very important that you comment as these standards will define PEAR2.

RFC at:

Thank you

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Request for ideas: New developer FAQ

New developers need quite a time to familiarize themselves with the rules and conventions in PEAR. With the new role of mentors in PEAR2, they will have a contact person they can ask in that cases.
But in many cases the same questions will get asked which will get boring for the mentoring developer, so we need a Mini-FAQ with a list of things the newbie should know.

Which information should go onto that list in your eyes? Comments appreciated!

– cweiske

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A common request for PEAR is too use SVN instead of CVS for source code management. As part of the PEAR2 project we are making that happen.

I’m happy to announce that we now have an SVN repo ready for testing. Web access at http://svn.pear.php.net with the SVN url being http://svn.pear.php.net/repo

Were still working out all the naming conventions (and the rules for getting code into PEAR2). But SVN access should be widely available soon. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Update: the svn url is now http://svn.pear.php.net/PEAR2


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The PEAR Project mourns the loss of Bertrand Gugger

The PEAR Project has lost a member of its community. Bertrand Gugger (toggg) passed away in the night from June 16th to 17th after suffering a heart attack.

Bertrand was involved in the maintenance of several important PEAR packages, including the Validate package family.

He leaves behind a wife and four children, who have our deepest sympathy. He will be missed.

The SPIP project, where Bertrand was involved as well, has compiled a list of his achievements as a tribute to him. It is available at

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PEAR Installer version 1.6.0 released

Today, the latest incarnation of the PEAR Installer, version 1.6.0, was released at pear.php.net (http://pear.php.net/PEAR to download, pear upgrade PEAR to upgrade).

This release fixes a number of major regressions introduced in PEAR 1.5.2 that were not fixed in PEAR 1.5.3 or PEAR 1.5.4, and is recommended for immediate upgrade.

New features are mostly minor and include:

  • minor improvements to the output of list-all, list, list-upgrades, search. Channel is displayed for many of these commands by default, and with an optional switch for the others
  • implementation of code coverage reports using xdebug for .phpt-based tests with the pear run-tests command.  This is somewhat experimental, and bug reports are expected on this new feature, but problems found will be fixed in 1.6.1

The march to Pyrus, the next generation installer for PEAR, and the repository of packages designed for Pyrus (PEAR2) continues.  Maintenance on 1.x will continue to contain bug fixes and security fixes, but the pace of new features is going to slow considerably.

If you find any bugs, please report them at http://pear.php.net/bugs/report.php?package=PEAR

I hope this release will be a great upgrade for all of you!


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Meet Pyrus: PEAR’s new installer

A few minutes ago, the PEAR Group finished its third meeting, which was the first attended by newly elected PEAR Group member Paul Jones (welcome Paul!). In addition to other things discussed, the one that really interests me, and I suspect all of you, is the future direction of the repository and the PEAR Installer.

I’m happy to announce that big changes are in the works. First of all, a brand new channel will be created for PEAR’s new PHP5+ packages, and a brand new installer is being created for these packages. The new installer will be named “Pyrus” (pyrus is the genus of the pear fruit), and the new channel is yet to be named, so if you have any ideas, feel free to post comments to this blog entry to help us come up with a good one. In addition, new packages written for this new channel will be hosted in a new Subversion repository to be hosted at svn.pear.php.net

More details about Pyrus will be forthcoming as the code is written. Currently, it lives in http://cvs.php.net/viewvc.cgi/pear-core/PEAR2 and is very much pre-devel stability.

Thanks for using PEAR, the best is yet to come!


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