PEAR in July 2011

There’s nothing quite like having your blogging system go MIA for a while to give your community an overwhelming impression that no one is home.

Thankfully; despite the radio silence between updates there’s quite a lot to talk about!

We’ve seen well put together PEPr proposals around VersionControl_Hg, Services_LibravatarTwitter_Uploader & many more; as well as new packages like Date_Holidays_CroatiaDate_Holidays_Australia & Validate_IR.

We’ve seen new members of the community such as arash, (Validate_IR); mgocobachi (HTML_Safe, Event_Dispatcher) and pce (Config_Lite).

Most exciting from my perspective? We’ve seen an explosion in the number of PEAR channels available – at this time, we know of no less than 55 different channels, from those with one small component to those with hundreds.
This is coupled with conversations in the community; around how PHP projects can create a robust; diverse ecosystem based on some of the core concepts built into PEAR; and how PEAR itself continues on.

Speaking of the future of PEAR, Pyrus is absolutely worth a look if you are working in a PHP 5.3+ environment.

The final place I’d like to throw the spotlight on is HTML_QuickForm2. If you are a user of the original HTML_QuickForm but haven’t thought about upgrading; this is the package for you.
The API is much cleaner, there are at least 3 plugins being proposed via PEPr at the moment; and it’s a snap to extend it to render really slick HTML5 controls.

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