PEAR in August

What’s the pear project been up to recently? We’ve been fairly quiet, launching pear2 and pyrus into the line up, welcoming new faces to the QA team, Jesús Espino, and getting ready to call an election for the new pear group.

In addition to that, we’ve seen releases of Net_DNS, Net_IPv4, Services_Twitter, and File_MARC (read more) to name a few.

We’ve seen a fair few of the more active members of the community go into hibernation as life gets busier, so if you’ve ever wanted to help out with PEAR; now is a great time!

Not sure how to help? There’s plenty of ways; from stomping out deprecated code, writing unit tests for bug reports / packages, proposing a package, urging your favorite project to host a pear channel, becoming a member of the QA team or even part of the PEAR group itself.

Come and join us on the pear-dev mailing list to find out more.

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  1. Olle Jonsson says:

    I have written a completely unscientific counter page for the deprecation bugs:

    (The number is a little lower than the number of bugs in the list, since I discount a few deprecated packages that appear in that list. Let’s only fix the stuff people use!)

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