PEAR in March 2010

After a quiet holiday season, the PEAR community has started rumbling again.

Digg gave PEAR a plug, new versions of Mail, Services_Facebook, System_Daemon, and HTML_Template_IT were released, the number of bugs reported dropped to less than one per package for a brief time, and two promising new proposals in PEPr arrived.

What’s even more exciting, we’ve got a continuous integration environment currently set up; discussion (and bug fixing) is turning more and more towards the future of pear, and the quiet on the mailing lists has vanished in a recent flood of posts.

Even better, we’ve seen the conceptual basis of PEAR (channel server and installer) take off with Pirum and PEARFarm being launched; and several large projects like PHPUnit, Smarty, and even Zend Framework (!) being installable via pear channels.

If this level of activity is anything to judge by, the future of PEAR looks bright for 2010!

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