A common request for PEAR is too use SVN instead of CVS for source code management. As part of the PEAR2 project we are making that happen.

I’m happy to announce that we now have an SVN repo ready for testing. Web access at with the SVN url being

Were still working out all the naming conventions (and the rules for getting code into PEAR2). But SVN access should be widely available soon. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Update: the svn url is now


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11 Responses to SVN and PEAR

  1. As an enthusiastic SVN user, I must applaud this transition! Now, if only the PHP source code moved over to SVN…

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  4. Harold says:

    really nice, SVN it’s a great tool

  5. Sascha says:

    Great. Would it be possible to configure a https-Access to the repository? Some proxies block WebDAV-Requests like PROPFIND, so you can only use SVN over https.

  6. jeichorn says:

    Sascha: Its on the list of things to do

  7. Tomi Kaistila says:

    Has Git been given any consideration? I used to use SVN before I started using Git and I haven’t looked back since.

  8. jeichorn says:

    Tomi: we looked at other tools, but tools without good windows support and easy installation on many distros just aren’t an option for a project like PEAR.

  9. Kae Verens says:

    this appears to be broken now – the repo URL returns a 404, and there does not appear to be information on the main Pear website about how to access the svn repository if it has been changed or moved.

  10. […] the PEAR blog today comes a new post talking about the introduction of a much requested option when accessing the PEAR source code SVN […]

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