PEAR Installer version 1.6.0 released

Today, the latest incarnation of the PEAR Installer, version 1.6.0, was released at ( to download, pear upgrade PEAR to upgrade).

This release fixes a number of major regressions introduced in PEAR 1.5.2 that were not fixed in PEAR 1.5.3 or PEAR 1.5.4, and is recommended for immediate upgrade.

New features are mostly minor and include:

  • minor improvements to the output of list-all, list, list-upgrades, search. Channel is displayed for many of these commands by default, and with an optional switch for the others
  • implementation of code coverage reports using xdebug for .phpt-based tests with the pear run-tests command.  This is somewhat experimental, and bug reports are expected on this new feature, but problems found will be fixed in 1.6.1

The march to Pyrus, the next generation installer for PEAR, and the repository of packages designed for Pyrus (PEAR2) continues.  Maintenance on 1.x will continue to contain bug fixes and security fixes, but the pace of new features is going to slow considerably.

If you find any bugs, please report them at

I hope this release will be a great upgrade for all of you!


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Elected PEAR president from May 1, 2007-May 1, 2008
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