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Request for ideas: New developer FAQ

New developers need quite a time to familiarize themselves with the rules and conventions in PEAR. With the new role of mentors in PEAR2, they will have a contact person they can ask in that cases. But in many cases … Continue reading

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A common request for PEAR is too use SVN instead of CVS for source code management. As part of the PEAR2 project we are making that happen. I’m happy to announce that we now have an SVN repo ready for … Continue reading

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The PEAR Project mourns the loss of Bertrand Gugger

The PEAR Project has lost a member of its community. Bertrand Gugger (toggg) passed away in the night from June 16th to 17th after suffering a heart attack. Bertrand was involved in the maintenance of several important PEAR packages, including … Continue reading

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PEAR Installer version 1.6.0 released

Today, the latest incarnation of the PEAR Installer, version 1.6.0, was released at ( to download, pear upgrade PEAR to upgrade). This release fixes a number of major regressions introduced in PEAR 1.5.2 that were not fixed in PEAR … Continue reading

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Meet Pyrus: PEAR’s new installer

A few minutes ago, the PEAR Group finished its third meeting, which was the first attended by newly elected PEAR Group member Paul Jones (welcome Paul!). In addition to other things discussed, the one that really interests me, and I … Continue reading

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